Sunday, 25 November 2012

Batman Minion Cake (Daughter's 14th)

My daughter asked for a minion cake;only dressed as batman. He's made from two square madeira cakes, halved and sandwiched together with jam and buttercream, with the risen middle part of the cake ontop for his domed head. I managed to colour the white roll out icing all the colours needed, although the black took so much colour paste I sent hubby out to buy ready coloured for the light saber. The brown was tricky because the ratio was difficult to get right, so after a quick google I used cocoa powder (well, drinking chocolate because I'd used the last of the cocoa powder,oops) which worked well. He took two days to make but I'm pleased he turned out so cute.  

Light Saber Cake (Youngest Son's 10th)

My son asked for a black light saber, (something about the video game he plays). I made two chocolate whisked sponges but rolled one length ways and one width ways. It is filled with jam and buttercream and covered in roll out icing, the black already coloured.

Thursday, 8 November 2012

SOLD Knitted Jack Frost

I am selling this one for charity because I adore Jean Greenhowe's designs and love to knit them but she does not allow you to sell them for your own profit. She does give her permission to sell them for charity or the local school/church which i will pass on to them. Jack Frost is carrying a pail for the frost and a brush to frost everything over. I've left the pail open so you can fill it with sweets instead. He's taller than a 30cm ruler and costs £30 plus p&p (lowest at the time).

Sunday, 4 November 2012

SOLD Knitted White Christmas Fairy Mice

I have made these 3 White Fairy Mice by Alan Dart. He allows you to sell them provided you give him credit for the design, duly done (thanks Alan). They are for sale individually or as a three. One in a blue dress, one in a yellow dress and one in a pink dress, all with sparkly silver wings, star and hanger. They are £18 for the set plus p&p (lowest possible at time). You are not just paying for the materials but for a lot of intricate knitting, assembly, care and time taken, to make them look just like the design, plus they are stuffed with fire retardant filling for safety.  

If you are interested in buying them please leave your e-mail address as a comment and i will get in touch via e-mail. Your e-mail address will NOT be on view because i have to verify comments first so only i will see your e-mail address. I can also post outside the uk once a postage price is agreed. 
Thank you for looking. 

Thursday, 1 November 2012

Knitted Halloween Characters

Just a few Knitted Characters for Halloween as I was in the flow of knitting. They hardly took any time at all and the spider was made mostly by my 9 year old son.

Halloween Cupcakes

Red velvet cupcakes (recipe from issue 7 of Cake Decorating magazine). Decorated with glacĂ© icing and feathered to look like a spiders web. The spooky cupcake picks came with the special  edition Halloween magazine.

Again red velvet cupcakes, but they were supposed to be scary pumpkins only i put the orange sugarpaste icing on the cakes before reading the instructions for using the stencil.  It was impossible to stencil on the cakes, it should have been done flat before putting on the cakes. They don't look very scary now but tasted lovely.

Halloween Cookies

One each of the Halloween cookies just to show the shapes. Ended up with about 50 after using the chocolate cookie recipe in the cake decorating magazine (issue 3). Very easy to roll and cut but cookies were too soft for me, i like a bite and a crunch to mine. No time for icing to decorate as a last minute decision, we don't 'do' Halloween usually!