Sunday, 20 October 2013

Whale Birthday Cake

Just to get in some practise i made this cake for my husband's birthday lol! I covered the cake by tinting white fondant pale blue, then tinted it again for the detail around the edge. The edge was made with a 'multi spot embosser' from issue 59 of  'Cake Decorating' magazine, although i cut out all the spots so you could see through to the pale blue base.The whale was also from the same issue and made by tinting the mid blue fondant again and moulding into a whale shape. The water coming from the whale's blowhole was made from white fondant as were the bubles underneath him.
Just to show the chocolate cake inside.

Simba's Perfect Peanut Brittle

From the new Disney magazine (issue 5). Simba is the baby lion from the lion king. Here peanuts are covered in syrup which hardens to form the brittle which is broken into managable pieces.
This is before I snapped it into pieces. If you love peanuts and toffee (as i do) you'll love this.

Pink Birthday Cake (sister-in-law's)

I needed to practise using my Cricut Cake and the next nearest birthday was my sister-in-law so this was for her. A 3 tiered vanilla sponge covered with pale pink fondant icing and white cutouts using my cricut cake with a little piped detail to some of the shapes. I think I still need to perfect cutting out the shapes as the fondant seemed too soft and didn't always cut out without spoiling the shape.

Eeyore's Crunchy Nut Cookies

From the new Disney magazine (issue 4). Made with syrup and hazelnuts. The original recipe used pecan nuts but i didn't have any and love hazelnuts the best anyway. Very delicious, i guess Eeyore likes them too!

Mater's Rocky Road

From the new Disney Magazine (issue 4). Mater is the truck from cars. Chocolate chip and syrup cookie base covered with a mixture of marshmallows, glacé cherries and chocolate. Lovely if you have a sweet tooth.

HMS Navy No.1 Cap Cake (second eldest son's leaving cake)

My second eldest son recently left home to join the Royal Navy so i made him a going away good luck cake to look like the cap worn with their number one uniform. Vanilla sponge, covered in white fondant with a black fondant band and bow, plus letters cut from my Cricut Cake machine.

Cake Pops

First attempt at cake pops. Vanilla sponge cooked in a silicone mould in the oven and coated with chocolate. Unfortunately i didn't have a stand so had to serve them upside down.
Second attempt at cake pops. As before but found a stand in with the cakepop machine. Still couldn't work out why the chocolate was so thick and lumpy and the silicone mould didn't seem to make the balls an even shape.
Third attempt at cake pops. Success! I used the cake pop machine and experimented with different amounts of cake mix to ensure all the balls were the same size. Then, after researching on the internet, simply tapped the cake pop on the side of the bowl after covering with the chocolate, this made all the excess chocolate fall off and the cake pops became smooth. I covered some with chocolate sprinkles while the chocolate was still melted.

After completing a dozen cake pops successfully, I simply dipped the remaining balls into the chocolate and named them cake bombs.

Macmillan Fairy Cakes

Some vanilla sponge fairy cakes decorated with vanilla butter icing and green fondant ribons or hearts for the recent Macmillan coffee morning at my son's new school.

Teddy Cupcakes

Little teddy cupcakes. Vanilla sponge covered with milk chocolate, then a large milk chocolate button for the nose,and two halves for the ears. Two white chocolate buttons for the eyes and little drops of milk chocolate on the nose and eyes for extra detail. 

Small Button Cake

The inside of the rainbow cake. Decorated with white fondant and self moulded fondand buttons and tag.

Super Mario Cake

Made for my cousin's little boy. A vanilla sponge cake covered with fondant icing and fondant icing cutouts to make mario.