Sunday, 2 September 2012

Butterfly and Cupcake Iced Cookies

These biscuits were just extras after making the cookie stacks earlier. The butterfly and cupcake biscuits were made with the cutter that came with the cake decorating magazine. Instead of run out icing I rolled out ready to roll white regal icing very thinly using two (clean) plastic rulers as depth guides and my fantastic mini silicone rolling pin. Pink paste colouring was added to the white icing for the top of the cupcakes. They were finished off with soft peak royal icing in white for the bottom of the cupcakes and the butterfly bodies, and red for the 'cherries'. The pink edible glitter that came with the magazine was used on two of the butterflies and I bought blue, (from a lovely lady with a stand in Hartlepool indoor market) for another two butterflies, and hologram white, used on the top of the cupcakes. The second photo is a bit darker to help show the glitter better.

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