Sunday, 20 October 2013

Cake Pops

First attempt at cake pops. Vanilla sponge cooked in a silicone mould in the oven and coated with chocolate. Unfortunately i didn't have a stand so had to serve them upside down.
Second attempt at cake pops. As before but found a stand in with the cakepop machine. Still couldn't work out why the chocolate was so thick and lumpy and the silicone mould didn't seem to make the balls an even shape.
Third attempt at cake pops. Success! I used the cake pop machine and experimented with different amounts of cake mix to ensure all the balls were the same size. Then, after researching on the internet, simply tapped the cake pop on the side of the bowl after covering with the chocolate, this made all the excess chocolate fall off and the cake pops became smooth. I covered some with chocolate sprinkles while the chocolate was still melted.

After completing a dozen cake pops successfully, I simply dipped the remaining balls into the chocolate and named them cake bombs.

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